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I had one of these OMG moments today when I realized that it's been a decade since we started working on the idea for Take the Leap!

It was a crazy, middle of the night drive home from Winnipeg between Jana Schott and I that made us stop talking about it and we decided to gather up some other gullible folks (see photo!) to 'take the leap' with us on the idea we had to bring together entrepreneurs from across rural MB for a unique event. Although we started working on the idea in 2006, the first conference didn't take place until October 2007 after some begging and pleading for seed money from MAFRI (now Manitoba Agriculture) at that time and other support from Dauphin Economic Development. I've attached a backgrounder document that we prepared after year one for some funding which gives a bit of the history of it all. Have a look (or use it as a blue print for your own ideas!) if you'd like.

For those of you who have been along for this wild ride for the past decade, thanks! For the new blood on our committee, this is why we need your influx of fresh, new perspective!

And to the participants of our conferences throughout the years, THANK YOU! If it wasn't for your participation, ideas and inspirational stories, we would not be here today!

Happy Monday!

Carissa Caruk-Ganczar


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